8 Signs You Have Been Single For Way Too Long

imageeWhen was the last time you actually went on a date? Aahan! I got some people thinking huh? Did you just suddenly realize that
it has literally been years since you had one?

Okay here are telltale signs you have been single for too long and need to get a date.

  1. You are developing bad eating habits. When you start eating anything and anyhow and in your mind you are like “ Single or taken who even cares” Since I have been dieting and looking glam nobody even takes notice”
  2. Every time you go out either with friends or alone you are seriously hoping to meet someone
  3. You are familiar with all the latest dating sites
  4. You dread coming across wedding invitations. In fact, it makes you sick
  5. Friends and family are seriously trying to hook you up
  6. You have actually sat down to ask yourself why on earth you are still single
  7. You can’t remember the last time you kissed someone and really felt something
  8. Looking at female friends as potential girlfriends

Any of these apply to you?

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