Biggest Exercise Mistake New Moms Make

bodAccording to a blog post titled ‘5 mistakes when returning to fitness after a baby‘ published by Brittany Noonan, a fitness trainer, mother and Insta star, you shouldn’t stress about hitting the gym straight after you’ve had a child.

Many new moms are usually keen to get back in shape right after dropping a baby. We get that you need to lose all that baby fat and regain back your old body, but you should remember not put so much pressure on yourself to exercise. It is advisable that you allow your body to heal properly before you hit the gym.

Putting pressure on your body when it isn’t ready yet might cause so much muscle tension and tightness you won’t be able to sit on the toilet or even bend down to pick up your baby. It is advisable that you have a checkup to check the floor strength of your pelvic region, joints, and abdomen. This will determine if you are ready for exercises or not.

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