Man Accused of Killing His Wife in An Uber While Drunk

gunshotA man is being held on bail in a prison in Seattle, US, after being accused of murdering his wife during an Uber ride. He claimed to be drunk at the time, and the next day insisted he was unable to remember the night’s events.

According to Seattle Times reports, a 31-year-old man was traveling in an Uber with his wife in the early hours of Sunday morning when the incident apparently occurred.

The driver of the Uber told the police that the man’s wife had been sitting in the front, while the man sat in the back seat just behind the driver. An argument between the two reportedly broke out, following which the driver recalled hearing “a loud boom”, which he first thought was his tire blowing. He later realized that it was a gunshot,┬áhe looked across at the wife and saw her head slumped forward. The terrified driver quickly asked the man where he can drop him, believing he might also get shot. The alleged gunman told the driver to ‘just drive’.

The man was later tracked down by police a couple of hours later, walking with a gun affixed to an ankle holster.

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