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Women Losing Themselves after Marriage – The Real Reason Why Husbands Cheat?

bodyI had an argument with a couple of friends some days back. The argument was about how most women lose touch (more…)

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Ladies Make Sure It’s The real Thing Before You Start Falling Hard

jacketHahaha look what I found! Six packs jacket for guys! See pishure below: (more…)

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Beauty Alert: So The New Trend Is Using Hard-Boiled Egg To Blend Makeup?

eggishFunny enough, I just discussed hard boiled egg with my colleague today only for me to come across this new trend of (more…)

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This Sleeping Position Can Give You Wrinkles

sleeping-womanHmm, me I’m guilty of sleeping like this o!! According to Elite Daily sleeping on your side causes premature aging by (more…)

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Beautiful Outfits From Oscars 2017

oscarsedFound these really beautiful.


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Biggest Exercise Mistake New Moms Make

bodAccording to a blog post titled ‘5 mistakes when returning to fitness after a baby‘ published by Brittany Noonan, a fitness trainer, mother and Insta star, you shouldn’t stress about hitting the gym straight after you’ve had a child. (more…)

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