Women Losing Themselves after Marriage – The Real Reason Why Husbands Cheat?

bodyI had an argument with a couple of friends some days back. The argument was about how most women lose touch with themselves after they get married and that is the real reason why their husbands cheat.

A typical example was that of a woman who used to make effort to dress up, put on a lot of makeup and soon after she snagged herself a man she dropped all the cute clothes and makeup and goes on long skirts and plenty of mamas clothes. This is somebody that used to wear bum shorts and looking all sexy whenever she visits her husband (then boyfriend) before marriage.

So what happened to the sexy chick before marriage? Did her husband tell her to stop dressing that way? Or is it because the hunt is over that’s why she stop taking the time to look good?

Another question is – is the real reason men cheat on their wives because they can’t find the sexy women they married?

Answers please!!!!!!!

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